Research Site Coordinators

As part of our effort to examine the intersections of religion and sound in North America, we partnered with scholars from many different institutions and fields of study. These research site coordinators consulted with us on our methods and procedures and attended to religious sound in their own research. They also incorporated ARSP practices into their teaching and provided their students with opportunities for hands-on field research experience. Many of them contributed recordings to our archive.

Our research site coordinators are listed below. Titles and institutional affiliations were accurate at the time that partnerships were initiated.

James S. Bielo
Assistant Professor Department of Anthropology
Miami University

Christopher D. Cantwell
Assistant Professor of History
Affiliate Faculty, Religious Studies
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Jake Johnson
Associate Professor of Music
Oklahoma City University

Rachel Lindsey
Assistant Professor
Theological Studies
St. Louis University

Kathryn McClymond
Associate Dean for Faculty Development
Professor of Religious Studies
Georgia State University

Harold Morales
Associate Professor Philosophy & Religious Studies
Morgan State University

C. Pierce Salguero
Associate Professor of Asian History & Religious Studies
The Abington College of Penn State University

Homayra Ziad
Director, Program in Islamic Studies
Johns Hopkins University