A Virtual Fieldwork Project in the Age of COVID

By David W. Stowe, Michigan State University

In the pre-pandemic version of my Music and Religion course, I assigned an observation paper based on a visit to a local faith community, a kind of entry-level ethnomusicology. Since this was no longer possible under COVID, I created an alternative assignment using the well-designed ARSP Mennonite Voices exhibit.

Religion as Metadata as Religion

Religion is a complex and sometimes messy topic that shapes both individual lives and broader communities. The metadata we use to tag and organize information, however, requires simplicity, clarity, and uniformity. How can these two things that appear to function in different capacities work together? 

Buddhism in Greater Philadelphia

by C. Pierce Salguero

Pierce Salguero is an ARSP site coordinator studying the sounds of Buddhism in Philadelphia. He is also the director of the Jivaka Project Philadelphia, a multimedia ethnographic project exploring the role of Buddhist institutions, practices, and cultural orientations in the American healthcare landscape between 2015 and 2020. 

ARSP Archive Available through Atla Digital Library

The American Religious Sounds Project collection is now searchable through the Atla Digital Library.  Atla Digital Library brings religious and theological collections from dozens of libraries, archives, and religious institutions together in one open access platform. 

ARSP at the Distribute 2020 Conference

At the beginning of May, the ARSP Community Engagement Committee (Vicki Brennan, Ely Lyonblum, and Lauren Pond) participated in the Distribute 2020 conference, which was organized by the Society for Cultural Anthropology and the Society for Visual Anthropology. In a dynamic multimedia panel, the committee members presented some of the materials archived on the ARSP website and discussed the concepts that animate their plans for interactive and immersive exhibits about religious sound for public audiences.